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Whom to ask in case of ...

Terms of appointment with Prof. Dr. Kunz:
   - Sigrid Schmickler


 Counseling Consultation LMT:
   - Dr. troph. Christine Siekmann-Steffens


 Counseling Consultation ELW:
   -Dipl.-Ing. agr. Ramona Marx
    Meckenheimer Allee 174, Phone: +49 (0)228 73 3146                                                                                            

   E-Mail: ramona.marx [at] lwf [dot] uni-bonn [dot] de

 Classification of student career changers:
   - Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Benno Kunz Termin (Appointments: Sigrid Schmickler   

   -Dr. troph. Christine Siekmann-Steffens


Information about time and location of courses:

   - See notice board at 2nd and 3rd floor

 Library opening hours:
     Room A318/A317   Mo, Tue, Thr, Fr 9 - 11 a.m.

     during semester additionally Tue 1 - 3 p.m. 


Handout of study regulations and examination rules
   - Rosemarie Hoffmann 


Registration for examination:
   - Rosemarie Hoffmann


Examination dates:

   - See notice board at examination office


Test/Exam results:

   - See notice board at examination office


Sokrates/Erasmus Information

    -  LWF Erasmus office    


Infomation about the ISAP-Programme:    

   - Dr.-Ing. Jenny Weißbrodt

    - Further information 



Infomation about the DAAD-Exchange Programme:   
   - Dr.-Ing Marzena Wiewiora

   - Further information


Registration for practical courses:
 !Look out for notes at the bulletin board!  

 - Dr.-Ing. Marzena Gerdom (geb. Wiewiora)



Lecture notes for Practicals:
   - Rita Caspers-Weiffenbach

      ( 4 weeks before start of Practicals)


Approvement of practical courses in industry:
  - Dr. troph. Christine Siekmann-Steffens    


Information about diploma theses:
   - Dr. troph. Christine Siekmann-Steffens 


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