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Diploma Theses at the IEL Food Technology and Biotechnology

At the IEL Food Technology and Biotechnology, students of Food Technology, Oecotrophology, Agricultural Sciences, Biology (microbiology) and Chemistry are regularly offered topics for diploma theses.

Fields of Research

The topics belong to the following fields of research:

  • Technology of fermentation- production of flavourings and colorants through Submers-Fermentation
  • Upgrading of waste material from the food processing industry
  • Micro/macrocapsule technology applied to flavours, colourants, microorganisms and herbs to stabilise the products properties
  • Packaging technology

Dr. troph. Christine Siekmann-Steffens provides concrete information on each diploma thesis offered. You can also contact the heads of the research groups directly.  


Execution and Assistance

Beginning to work on the diploma thesis you will be introduced in working in the laboratory and the institute by your head of research. Brochures and safety information will also be provided. During the three month of work in the laboratory, you will be assisted by a PhD-student. Normally, your task will be a part of an industry-financed project. Therefore, there is the opportunity of taking part in project meetings with our partners in industry. You will be able to present your own results at the meetings.
The written part of your work will be supervised by Prof. Dr. Benno Kunz and the respective head of research. Please follow the "Instructions for scientific writing". You can get this document in room A311.
Finally you will give a 20 minute exposition on the contents of your work to the staff of the IEL Food Technology and Biotechnology in English language.

Diploma thesis at our European partner universities

Furthermore, there is the possibility to work on your diploma thesis at one of our partner universities in different European countries. For further information please contact the ERASMUS office of our faculty.

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