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Working Group Product Development

Head of the group: Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Greve

The sensory characteristics (appearance, flavour, texture) of a food product are crucial for its consumer acceptance. One difficulty in product development exists in establishing the right formulation to satisfy consumer demands.

A major issue in food research is the creation of models to engineer food products with desired sensory characteristics that maximise consumer acceptance. For achieving this request a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of the relationship between ingredients, process variables and the sensory perception is required.

Current projects
  • Development of a long-shelflife energy bar (Project partner: Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung)

  • Greve P, Xiong R, Meullenet JF, Kunz B. 2010. Improving the prediction for sensory texture attributes for multi component snack bars by optimizing instrumental test conditions. J. Texture Stud 41(3).

Finished projects
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